About The Hoop Guy

John learnt to hoop at the age of 53 years. Read below to find out more.

John learnt to Hula Hoop in 2006 at the age of 53 years and Hoop Guy Ltd was then formed on 15th February 2007 to allow John to run Hula Hooping classes, and sell quality hula hoops to others via the internet.

Hoop Guy Ltd sold over 1,000 hoops in its first year, but now with spiralling postage costs no longer offers shipping so any sales are done in person at events and schools.

John started working at schools in 2009, and since then has taught over 100,000 children and more than 5,000 teachers the correct way to hoop. 😉

Meet Our Team

Yes, I am the team.  If you book the Hoop Guy, you get the Hoop Guy !! 😊

John Parnell

Also known as John the Juggler
(as well as the "Hoop Guy")

John Parnell

A Granddad with 12 Grandchildren

John Parnell

The Hoop Guy as seen on the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals in 2017

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