Boys and Girls, from year 2 to year 6, will all have fun learning new moves and tricks. 

Once they have learnt the correct way to spin a Hula Hoop of course.

Like most things, if you try to do it the wrong way, or with the wrong size or type of equipment, & you cannot expect to be successful.
This is easily demonstrated with Hula Hooping.
I start the day with a talk and demonstration, where we discuss what makes a hoop work, and the science behind keeping the hoop spinning around your waist so that it doesn't fall to the floor.
John is well known for teaching people to hoop in just a few minutes.
The eldest person that John has successfully taught to, hoop was a lady aged 96 years of age (at a Women's Institute event)

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Games for Year One & younger

John, the "Hoop Guy" provides a variety of Hula Hoop Games, played to music, covering Colours, Numbers, and Motor Skills, with honesty, fair play, and strategy all being covered provide a fun experience for all the children.  These games assist the teachers by demonstrating in a practical way the children who need more help and encouragement.  A list of the games will be provided, with advanced versions to be used as the school year progresses.  Teachers are also allowed to video the games, if they wish, to assist in reproduction, or sharing with other teachers.  

Lots of Fun Activities & Tricks

Let's get active and burn lots of Calories...

Hooping burns 40 kcals every 10 minutes.

That equals 420 per hour !!! 
Plus, Hooping is just so much fun !

Multi-Task & Multi Hoops.

At the end of each session time is allowed for additional fun activities. and the children are encouraged to invent their own tricks, or try multiple hoops at the same time.

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What People Say About Hoop Guy Sessions

What a blast! We booked 'Hoop Guy' for a day and a half. The children loved the demonstration, there was a clear message of 'never give up'. John was very entertaining. The children in Early Years have learnt some great hoop games and the Key Stage One children loved their workshops. They have been asking daily for us to get the hoops out and we have just had to order more. Lots of staff have purchased a hoop too. John did a workshop with the teachers and taught most of us to hula after about ten minutes! Great fun! Would highly recommend!

- Michelle Read -

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the inspiring visit from John. There was a real buzz around the school from the playground to the staffroom. The children and adults who attended the workshops were amazed with how quickly they picked up new skills. We hope that Hoop Guy will visit the school again soon.

- Nicola Brookes -

A fantastic day! All the children (and staff) were thoroughly engaged and enthused with all the hoop games. We loved it! Excellent, engaging sessions and we were all able to hoop by the end of the day!

- Amy Godfree -

Got Questions?
Contact John, the "Hoop Guy" to find the answers to anything Hula Hoop related. 

07946 413 452